Shout, just shout.
As much as your voice allows you to.


Erin. 16.
Feels that the world could be a better place.
Also doesn't mind having a JE paradise.
With strawberries.
And some lime juice would be nice.


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    Date : 04 April 2010
    Time : 6:00 PM
    Title : Monetise.

    Sigh. Hi.

    I really need to be more devoted. Summary of what happened so far?

    1. Got accepted into DMC at SP. Not my first choice, but it's not bad. School's starting in about a week, so am rather excited. >D

    2. Get Arashi 5x10 concert DVD!!! AM SUPER ESSITED. :D

    3. Re-watching childhood anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. How awesome is that. It is very, isn't it. Sayoran/Sakura OTP!

    4. Dyed my hair thrice during the holidays. It isn't that healthy, but still! Currently I have red/purle-ish hair right now; though not very obvious. There's always the tint of purple in the dark, and red in the sunlight, so I am quite pleased.

    5. Clothes. Is all I need right now you know. I need to stock my wardrobe for Poly life mannnnnnnnnnn.

    Yeah I think that's all.

    See ya soon.

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    Date : 31 December 2009
    Time : 9:54 PM
    Title : Jellyfish Rock

    Not feeling the mood.

    I'm receiving a few hundred bucks for myself soon, but it's all coming AFTER the flea. Damn it, fuck. Now I'll have to borrow some cash.

    Fuck fuck fuck, I hate borrowing money.

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    Date : 24 December 2009
    Time : 11:26 PM
    Title : Nails dug deep.

    Oh my God I have more pictures.

    Soup was delishhhhhhhhhh. I love it. Seafood stock rocks!

    Yes see, that's Hermione. (Ignore Yunhan's finger please.)

    Flashing her bits.

    And off she goes!

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    Date :
    Time : 11:09 PM

    Yes yes, I promised.

    So here I am.

    This week, I had a steamboat session when the girls. Went to Elizabeth's house first at 1030 to basically stone. Met the rest at 1230. Yun han was late! Aish.

    Lol I just did something Korean.

    Anyway, Kaizhi was our saviorrrrr!!! She had 50 bucks and saved us from not having enough to pay initially. Total cost was about 35bucks? Each of us paid like 7 bucks.

    Let the pictures do the talking.

    Very unglam.

    Yes very indeed. 

    We has sparkling juice with Sprite!!! And an extra something... This was our little adventure into adulthood.

    For some weird reason Yunhan brought Hermione with her. She also brought a stalk of corn and broccoli. We didn't have them, anyway. 

    Delish, delish. Having another one next week over at my place, yay!

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    Date : 20 December 2009
    Time : 11:36 PM
    Title :

    Looks blur and like a funeral picture of me.

    Anyway, Farewell Party today! Was kind of awesome, but retarded too.

    Will elaborate more tmr! Sleeping soon.

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    Date :
    Time : 12:03 PM
    Title :


    Going for Girl Guides gathering later. Ohhh it's gonna be GOOD. Meeting Tiffany, Kimberly and YJ later. Also another special someone, heh.

    Wouldn't talk about yesterday cause it sucked.

    Will update with photos!

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    Date : 18 December 2009
    Time : 7:41 PM
    Title :

    I think good and bad things have to happen to me on an alternated basis, because that's how life is for me.

    Remember yesterday, I had quite a good day?

    Well today was terrible. I went to work. It was at Parkway Parade. Me, being a retard, went to Marina Bay. By the time I realised I was at the wrong place, it was 5, the time I was supposed to report for work. I smsed my manager and Elizabeth, and I found out that I was supposed to take to fucking Bedok.

    So I took the MRT back to Bedok. I asked the station master what bus I was supposed to take. 31, he said. So I did. I saw the first 31 and rushed on board.

    And where did I end up at after 20 minutes? Fucking Tampines.

    By that time it was already 6.15pm.

    So I didn't work today.


    What a day.

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    Date :
    Time : 2:04 AM
    Title : Ohno-kun is watching you.

    Hey. I thought if I'm gonna do this, I should do it properly.

    It has really been a damn long time since I've actually written anything concrete. Like a fic, or a short story of sort. I don't know. Words used to be like diamonds to me. Now I don't think I can produce smooth flows of phrases anymore. Sigh. Child geniuses usually lose their talent when they reach 16.

    Not pointing anything out.

    I have work tomorrow too. At PWP. It's where Kaizhi is working, so I might drop by, just to say 'hi'. Then again, I have to go to GWC first. What a pain in the ass. But I'm not complaining. Life sucks this way. And I meet great people while I work.

    At Taka, I made a few friends, like Xueting from Palmer's, Si Ling from Revlon, and the Liese promoter. Some promoters were like aunties, but they were nice. I'll miss them.

    Today I was posted at Bugis. I only sold like... 3. But what the hell. My fellow promoters there were really nice. The Rimmel promoter there chatted with me loads, and so did the O2 bubble mask person. Singaporeans are such friendly bunch.

    Opps, I take back what I said when I remember the management at Taka.

    I really have to get some sleep, to even my lifestyle back, but I fucking ate just. I can't believe I did it. It was such a stupid mistake. I earn myself a good kick in the ass.

    Also, I really miss seeing Pencil around in school. It'll probably be the greatest regret I'll have in my teenage years, not doing anything. Sometimes I wake up and cry after a dream about him. Life sucks. Love sucks. Being a wimp sucks.

    On a happier note, I got myself a Good Progress award of 200 bucks! Wow! I never knew that could happen. I remember when I had this chain of receiving the edusave award for like, 6 years, and when I got to Sec 1, it just broke. Sigh. 200 bucks, that's awesome. I'll be able to buy some school clothing and pay back all the debts I own.


    Random picture here. It'd been a wall of words. Ching Lee there killed this sim because she had this wish to. I made it happen. Now she haunts her house.

    Ke$ha is fantastic. I love her voice.

    Okay, bye.

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    Date : 16 December 2009
    Time : 7:10 PM
    Title : But we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger


    I totally screwed up my lifestyle. I woke up at 5pm today. There's no excuse for it. I slept for 12 hours straight and there's no reason why I should still be feeling tired. I must be a heavy sleeper.

    I'm going to die in the working society, man.

    Besides that, I decide to build a lovely house/mansion for my sim family of 5 beside the beach. It'll give them a beautiful vista moodlet.

    Currently life for them is pretty good. The male Sim, called Keith, is working as a... Music Talent Scout I think. Level 5 of the career. Ah well. It'll take a while for him to reach the top.

    Other than that, everything is smashing. /Punches fist into air.

    Okay, gotta get something in my stomach and read this book. I just borrow like 3 Christmas-themed books. Getting into the festive feel, I see eh.

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    Date :
    Time : 1:14 AM
    Title : Gently Gathering a Little Warmth Today

    For some late night blogging and catching up.

    Life has been quite good. Os are finally over, but that doesn't stop me from being tired at what life throws at me, such as boredom. It's now a huge part of my anti-social life that I lay on my bed with Kei on my lap staring into the bring screen which Arashi members prancing around and just breathing.

    I have nothing to do.

    Sure I have a job. It requires me to stand for 4 or 8 hours a day 3 times a week. I don't mind. It's a good-paying job. But then again, boredom haunts you ultimately, and I find myself droning out of it, sometimes humming along with the retarded Christmas songs that are on replay over and over again.

    Sigh. At least Kei is back to me. I have Sims 3 to entertain me. My evil vegeterian sim is currently cheating on 3 guys and 1 girl at once, so it's pretty cool. Her name is Lee Ching. Yes she a vicious Chinese chick hellbent on taking over the world and stopping the consumption of beef and chicken once and for all!

    NO CHICKEN?!?! How will Sim world live now?!?!

    Talking about chicken has made me hungry. Sigh. I hope people come back to read my blog. I thought I was pretty hilarious back then. But who knows, it may be a temporary thing, my humor.

    OKAI. SNOWWHITE!Daiki says bye!

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    Date :
    Time : 12:10 AM
    Title :


    I'm updating!

    I should get back to blogging. It's been a long time.

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    Date : 08 September 2009
    Time : 6:13 PM
    Title :

    Hmmm. I wonder why Blogger is like this.

    And hi, I'm back.

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    Date : 15 July 2009
    Time : 9:15 AM
    Title :


    I'm ill. At what such a convinient time when the teachers are crashing work after work at us. I went home early on Monday to find my tempertature at 38.0, and when I reached the polyclinic it went up to 38.9!! It might have gone even higher while waiting, but after so much sleep I'm now a mere 37.5.

    Nono, it's not freaking ovulation. Sheeeesh.

    I'm still not well enough to go to school, though. I'm having a really bad cough, and my left ear is swollen. Fantastic. And if there's anything to cheer me up it's the get-well smses and msgs left for me and my left eye still being double eye-lidded after 2 days! :DDDDDD

    But other than that, *looks at medicine and pills*.

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    Date : 10 July 2009
    Time : 1:01 AM
    Title :

    Oh my God, why am I still awake?!

    It's 1, and I really want to watch this show that I'm downloading now. By the time it finishes downloading it would be 1.10, and to finish watching it, 2am. I already studied for the PG test tmr, but I still want to finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!


    Also, my dad says that I can get my new phone by 20th, so I'm really pleased, but I will miss my lousy phone, because the tetris and sodoku games are awesome. I especially love the tetris. Sigh. I will miss you dear lousy phone.

    On another note, Mr Toh is so lame and funny and retarded hahahahahahahahahahaha. He told us a story, when he went to withdraw money from the ATM machine, but suddenly he blanked out and forgot why he was there, so he walked away. But then he remembered he had withdrawn $100, so he went back, but the cash had obviously been already taken away. It was on Youth day and he was all, "The 100bucks to celebrate my holiday one leh!!!" but we were all, "You still got youth meh?!?"

    Dude, if only his lessons weren't so boring. God, I keep falling asleep during his lectures.

    Part one of the show is done, so if you will excuse me!

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    Date : 01 July 2009
    Time : 5:46 PM
    Title : With the change of the signal from red to green...

    ...In the midst of a journey where there's no turning back.

    People tell me there's no point in listening to songs that have lyrics you don't understand, but when you do understand, the amount of inspiration you gain is overwhelming.

    I just wish that I could persuade people to understand the greatness of Japanese songs.

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